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John Pickle

has been providing a music therapy program for nursing homes, health care and adult day care facilities as well as clubs, wineries and private parties all around Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for many years. Performing more than 350 gigs a year, he has earned a great reputation as an entertainer and his popularity continues to flourish. He charms audiences with the variety of songs he selects, his energy level, sense of humor and a lot of audience participation.  John truly puts on a very entertaining program.

Kick back, relax and allow the seriously light-hearted humor and whimsey of the “John Pickle Show” put a smile on your face. Let the man that is a friend to some, a confidant to others and a pain in the butt to his darling, patient wife, bring out the camaraderie and playfulness in us all.

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 Margo:  It was worth the drive coming up from Florida to see you!  BTW. I listened to your CD during the drive–definitely improved my attitude. Just have to watch the foot-tapping to the tunes since every tap increased the car’s speed! Great music, John. 


Dave: I enjoyed watching you transform a room of total strangers into a group of smiling friends laughing with each other in a matter of minutes. You are a very talented entertainer. I will always recommend your show!


Monica: Thanks for always bringing such a fun time to our residents. We always enjoy your visits, great energy and smiles. You are truly a blessing!


CarlaHey John I just want to thank you again for what you are doing in the Alzheimer’s Unit at Sunset. Your music helped to animate my mom in such a positive way. Surely God is working through your music! The gift you share is such a blessing-thank you!


Suzie: John, you make so many hearts sing! Keep up the good work!


Jon: I witnessed magic happen during one of your amazing shows when I was visiting grandpa Louie. It was not an easy transition sending Grandpa to the nursing home and I thought he would just give up.  I have not seen Grandpa Louie so happy since hiring a stripper for his 85th surprise party.  No lie.  Keep rocking and making people smile.

Angie: this is absolutely wonderful! Where my Grannie lived… they had a couple come and play music for their residents. I got to witness the magic that happened. A lot of these people are lonely and confused. It was awesome watching some of these people come out of their shell, and truly enjoy life through music. Good for you. You are way more than a rock star!

Sharon: Thank you for what you are doing giving joy to these beautiful people. My mother had Alzheimer’s and oh my, I witnessed the joy in the faces of many when they remembered a song. You are a blessing to each and everyone you are playing music and even just being there for a brief time. I thank you in honor of my beautiful mother.

Carroll: John, that’s you at your best, love it! I too, got to watch you perform when my father-in-law was in a community, so many residents just seemed to get younger & big smiles appeared when you played for them!!


Teresa: you are amazing, don’t ever stop. You bring so much happiness where ever you go:)


Elizabeth: You are amazing John Pickle!


 Joanna: Very nice John. Our residents love music and the interaction. Thank you for sharing your talent.

 Aggie: We love you at Heatherdowns Rehab, John! You have amazing interaction with our Residents and are greatly appreciated!

John: God bless you John…simply awesome

Sara: In life I think we are all looking for the way that we can make a noticeable difference in the world. We look for a way we can use our talents to help someone else and bless someone else. John, it is so obvious that this is what you do that blesses others and brings joy to their lives. You sure do make a difference in this world and I feel lucky to call you a friend! You have such a great heart to do this and I am positive that when you show up, you instantly become the best part of each residents day! Keep making a difference, and never stop playing! You bring so much joy to so many people!!!!!


“Our residents have been asking about you constantly! They loved your performance. Even our residents from Memory Care were asking about you and when you would be coming back! So you really made an impact with our residents here. We look forward to having you here frequently!”

“I remember when I was job coaching at Arbors of Toledo, on cherry street, John came there and sang for a friend of mine, who I met while I was there, day in and day out. He actually sang Elvis songs for my friends Mother who was an avid Fan. She got the biggest kick out of him. He made her feel like he wrote the song just for her. She had a Good Day whenever he showed up, which was a nice switch from all the bad days she had to endure. She’s gone now but I will always remember how John left her feeling when he came into her room. Kudos to you John! I commend you for doing what you are doing, I know from experience how rewarding something like this is. God Love Ya!”


“At our meeting, all the women talked about was how great an entertainer John is. I thought he’d like to know how much he made our group of women SMILE!”


“We really enjoyed the show. We love how he gets the audience involved and ‘picks’ on people to sing and dance “on stage”. We all need to take time out of our day to laugh and enjoy life. He really provides a FUN time.”


“A resident was listening to a hospice music minister one day. When he was done singing, she said you’re an ok singer but you’re no John Pickle!”

~John truly enjoys making people smile and entertaining them. It seems to be his mission in life and he will continue to follow the course he’s on~


~Photo by Tim Menningen

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